Family Trip to Palm Springs Part 1-Airline

Family Trip to Palm Springs Part 1-Airline

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Last week we began our last minute vacation (booked 5 days ahead of time) to Palm Springs; a place typically known for golf, spas and relaxing…did I mention my 5 and 8 year old are in tow? Not exactly how most would picture a traditional Palm Springs vacation. Follow our journey this week to see how mom and dad are hanging in + check out my travel deals along the way.

I think airfare is a good place to start since it’s usually one of our initial purchases. We flew out of New Orleans on a direct via Spirit airlines. I can see it now, the cringing faces everyone is making as they read Spirit Airlines.

If you know the spirit airline rules and follow them you will quickly realize that Spirit isn’t the villain it’s made out to be. You can score some amazing deals with even better routes than the major carriers. I usually compare all airfare deals using SkyScanner you can check it out HERE

Did you know that out of MSY (New Orleans my Home airport) Spirit is actually rated #2 just behind Southwest on being on time?

We purchased the “Big Seats” for an extra $50 per person and they are the same seats as first class; well worth it for such a long flight.

My Tips for a Stress Free Spirit Flight

1. Drinks/food

All food and drinks are extra! Even if you purchased the “big seats” so be sure to bring some snacks with you.

2. Luggage

You can only bring a personal item (backpack etc.) anything else you will be charged for so plan accordingly. View their baggage requirements here

Purchase Checked baggage in advance otherwise the price goes up as you get closer to the departure. For example if you pay as you check in online it increases to $45 and if you decide to wait and pay at the counter it can be as high as $55!

Bags have to be under 40 pounds that’s 10 pounds less than the major carriers. Be sure to weigh your bag before you go. I always have a baggage scale similar to this one because they are cheap and can save you a lot.

Continue to follow our journey this week to see how mom and dad are hanging in + check out my travel deals along the way!

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