The Best Time, Day and Month to Book the Cheapest Travel

The Best Time, Day and Month to Book the Cheapest Travel

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This is one of the most common questions I get…When is the best time to book airfare or probably even more common what’s the best day of the week to book airfare?

Is there really a better time of the week to book airfare and how in advance should you book? Let’s take a look

How Far in Advance

According to data from airlines reporting Corp. passengers can expect to pay nearly 10% below the average fare if they book it at least 7 weeks in advance. Skyscanner released additional data and claims 30 days will provide you with the best price for domestic flights and 4 months for international.

What Day of the Week

The question as to what day and time of the week you can find the best deals is debated. According to SkyScanner, you can find the best domestic flight deals on Saturday and Sunday for international.

What Time of Day

The same study suggest that 6am (EST) is the cheapest time of day to book a flight and 1am is the most expensive.

What Month is Cheapest

You’re going to find the best price on Domestics flights when traveling in September, January and February. The most expensive is usually December, which comes as no surprise with the Holidays in full gear!

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