5 Points to Consider When Booking a Vacation

5 Points to Consider When Booking a Vacation

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Planning a vacation isn’t easy! See the top 5 reasons why and how I can help make your planning and actual vacation much more enjoyable + save you money!

  1. Save Money 

Did you ever think there was an added expense of having an agent? That’s a common misconception, in-fact they can actually save you quiet a bit.

Many times their relationships provide preferred discounts and sometimes even nice upgrades! Find a price cheaper? They appreciate you giving them the opportunity to match or beat the price while providing great service at no charge!

  1. Knowledge! No Unexpected Surprises

Did you know that many islands and destinations have off seasons where much of the island is closed? Or Imagine planning a once in a life time beach vacation to a tropical island, those long 12 months of dreaming come to a reality, you walk out to the ocean ready to soak in the beautiful blue water you have been seeing online and instead you are met with a wall of seaweed! So much that you can’t even step over to try to take that relaxing swim you were dreaming of. This is a true story and it’s not uncommon. Seaweed is a very large problem amongst many islands for the last few years but do you know which ones? Most don’t because it’s not advertised but I bet your travel adviser does. There are plenty on unknown Travel secrets but this one reason alone should be reason enough to book through a travel advisor.

  1.   Extra Trip Protection

A travel advisor is like having extra travel protection without the cost. Delayed flight? Do you know what your rights are? They can often pull strings you never thought possible. This is something you don’t generally get from online booking companies and at times can save your potential vacation disaster.

  1. EXTRAS! 

Travel advisors have many relationships allowing them to get extra perks which benefit you at no extra cost and at times save you! To name a few more popular extras I have seen recently-room upgrades, champagne, transfers and making sure all special request are made. Recently I just received exclusive 20% off my airport parking through my agent which saved me $40 in parking alone!

  1. Relationship

Once you build a relationship your travel advisor can be aware of any vacation deals that may become available that you may not have ever known otherwise. Saving you time and money! Sounds like a win-win in my book!


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