Two Simple Reasons Why You Should Book Airfare Now!

Two Simple Reasons Why You Should Book Airfare Now!

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The last thing you and many others are thinking about is traveling. You may reconsider those thoughts once you see some of the unbelievable slashes airlines have made. Let’s take a look at two reasons why you may reconsider.

Inexpensive Rates

I will say in many instances, these will be some of the best rates we see. Since the airlines are expected to lose billions from the Coronavirus outbreak they’ll have to make up for it somewhere but for now you can take advantage of these low fares with little risk.

Take a look at this flight I found on SKYSCANNER. This same flight I book every year is normally $700 the lowest I’ve seen was $500 in probably 10 years. Today it is only $258 that is truly an amazing price!

Or here is another prime example of a roundtrip flight to San Juan in June from my home airport which isn’t a major hub!

If you haven’t checked out SkyScanner I highly recommend it. You can actually look at a map and see where the cheapest place to travel is out of your home airport for any given month! Check it out for yourself HERE!

Change Fee Waivers

Almost all airlines have jumped on the bandwagon of waiving the change fee for airfare. In many cases this includes non-refundable airfare. It is very rare to see this happen for an extended time period. Be sure to look at each individual airlines policy before booking because they are changing daily.

Need help finding the best deal? Shoot me an email or private message of Facebook and I’d be more than happy to help!

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